Quote of the week – overloading

overloading n. 1 Semantics Ganging up on a poor signifier until it collapses from excessive signification. 2 OOP Assigning unlikely meaning to well-known operators. Ideally, for maximum confusion, the overloading definitions should be hidden.

Stan Kelly-Bootle The Computer Contradictionary

Sadly, Stan Kelly-Bootle died in April 2014. He was a major figure in the computer world and the folk song world. Obituaries can be found here, here and here.

I could quote Stan Kelly-Bootle infinitely, and when I say “infinitely” I do mean infinitely. The Devil’s DP Dictionary gives the following definition:

recursive adj. See RECURSIVE.

although this was later modified in The Computer Contradictionary to:

recursive adj. while (unclear) { unclear--; See RECURSIVE }

Of course the definition of operator -- is overloaded and hidden.

Unfortunately The Devil’s DP Dictionary and The Computer Contradictionary are both out of print but there are plenty of second hand copies available from Amazon or Alibris.

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