This is a blog about programming – mainly C++ but I reserve the right to extend it in any direction I find interesting. It’s a place for me to think about code and explore better ways of writing code. I expect to be wrong some of the time and I welcome corrections or additional information.

My name is Bob Archer, I live in Seattle and work at Adobe’s Fremont office. Much of my career has been spent developing large, cross platform, high performance software. C++ is still the only game in town for this use case (unless someone knows better. I know there’s Rust and Go and D and some other interesting things out there, but I haven’t seen anything that is mature and genuinely cross platform).

For some reason, C++ “clicked” with me as a language. To paraphrase Winston Churchill – C++ is the worst language there is apart from all the others.

I am fascinated about the work that it takes to develop high quality software, and I hope that in 20 years time we’ll be looking back on this era and laughing (or crying) at the terrible things we did. Although we don’t know everything about developing high quality software, we do have some current best practices that are vastly better than nothing.

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