C++ links

Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter are putting together a set of C++ core guidelines. The main document is here, and it’s worth looking round the rest of the repository for more links, and slides of talks.

I haven’t read all of the guidelines yet (it’s a big document), but what I have looked at so far is good.

There’s a discussion about the core guidelines on Hacker News. Sadly, one of the comments argues that:


is superior to:


I despair of this industry on a regular basis. We certainly don’t know everything about programming (and I hope in 20 years we’ll be looking back and laughing at our naivete), but we don’t know nothing either. Grouping data values into bundles is not a new idea, it has many demonstrated benefits and yet people still argue against it. Writing good code is hard, and we just make it harder by ignoring even the most basic of guidelines.

I laughed at another of the comments:

I agree, these are too opinionated to be unconditionally useful.

It’s a document by Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter. I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t opinionated.

Videos from the 2015 CppCon are starting to appear on the CppCon YouTube channel. There are also plenty of videos from previous years.

Notes from Herb Sutter’s talk Writing good C++14… by default are here